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This is Anupam here. I did Course from you in March. I have already started taking classes at Home. Kids are very happy learning Magical Methods. They enjoy the games. I would like to take it to schools. Please guide me how to do that.
Posted By: Anupam Jindal
Magical Methods Trainer, Dubai
My son and I started working with the puzzles. Initially we had problems but we finally figured it out. Vedic Mathematics even at the toddler level is a challenge for some adults like myself.

Its good that I ordered your Training Kit. We are enjoying it. The associated Video course is great way to understand the working of the Kit.
Posted By: Jason Mensah
Bought Toddlers Kit, Texas, USA
I am Rama. One of sirs students from Singapore. I am continuing teaching Maths here in Singapore and I am successful and I vow my success to Pradeep sir.

Thank you
Posted By: Rama Venkobarao
Certified Magical Methods Trainer, Singapore
I want to give a feed back about the class.
The class is really interesting. Sir explains very clearly. We don't know how 1 hour of class gets over. Looking forward for rest of the classes

Posted By: Prabha Balaji
Teacher (Being trained by Magical Methods), Dehradun
I have completed my Vedic mathematics Training for class two to six...

I want to convey my thanks to you for conducting such a nice training programme.

Posted By: Jayashree Chakrabarti
Certified Magical Methods Trainer, Noida, UP (India)

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