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Unique Game Based Teaching Methodology

Learn to Teach Vedic Maths to Kids below 12 years Through Games.

For Teaching Vedic Maths to Kids||Classes II - VI : 8 to 12 years through Games.

Good for Teaching 1 - 3 students at a time.

Course Content-TTP: Vedic Maths for Kids

After going through this programme you should be able to teach the following to your students through games and they should be able to answer this without using pen and paper in time limit. This programme includes coveted "Finger Counting Removal Programme" of Magical Methods. You would be able to teach Addition without Carry, Subtraction without Borrow & Tables up to 99 to kids. 

Vedic Addition 1 digit plus 1 digit number

Vedic Addition 2 digit plus 1 digit number

Vedic Addition 2 digit plus 2 digit number

Vedic Addition 3 digit plus 2 digit number

Learning Addition without Carry

Using Math Ludo & Magic Square in teaching addition

Vedic Subtraction 1 digit minus 1 digit number

Vedic Subtraction 2 digit minus 1 digit number

Vedic Subtraction 2 digit minus 2 digit number

Vedic Subtraction 3 digit minus 2 digit number

Learning Subtraction without Borrow

Using Math Ludo & Magic Square in teaching subtraction

Using Maths Cards game to Teach the Basics of Addition & Subtraction

Teaching Multiplication Tables up to 9 through Math Cards game

Checking proficiency of children in tables through games

Developing Recall & Concentration of children through Grid Game

Multiplication Tables up to 25 without memorizing

Multiplication Tables up to 99 without memorizing

Higher Tables 11 x 11 to 99 x 19 without effort

Division without Rough Work

Using Math Ludo in Multiplication & Division

Using Math Ludo to Convert Calculation into Oral Calculation

After Registration You receive the following: 

Training Material as shown in pictures above 

Video Training on the Training Material

Return on Investment:
This course would run for an Year for a KID. You can charge anything between Rs. 1000/- to Rs. 1500/- per child per month. You get your Money Back by teaching 1 or 2 students.

Customers Feed Back:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Sweetly Jones from Madurai who had enrolled in the Teacher Training Programme - Vedic Maths for Kids.

The response right from the time of enrollment and during the training was very enthusiastic.
Clear audio during the class, clear correspondence and I have actually improved in Math a lot after this training. All doubts were cleared immediately.
Before every class used to begin, I used to get an sms that my class will be starting. This was very best part.
Also on dispatch of books and certificate, I used to get a sms for consignment number which was very helpful for tracking it down.
Hope you will reach all places and achieve your targets soon.!!!!!
God bless Pradeep sir and also your entire team of Magical Methods.

With warm regards
Sweetly Jones

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Teachers Training-Vedic Maths for Kids--Video Training

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