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For Children Aged 8 years and above

Using Math Games to Remove Finger Counting. Using Maths Game as a Great Tool. 

This Kit is for Parents/Teachers who would like to help their kids/Students in Overcoming Finger Counting and Silly Mistakes while working with Math Problems.

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    Math FEAR is a global phenomenon. Research shows that more than 85 % students fear maths. They fear maths because everybody around them tells that MATH is difficult. People around them narrate their stories how they used to bunk maths classes and score passing grade in the subject. They even go to the point of telling that even today they are very poor with maths. The environment around them makes it more difficult and student develops a mindset that math is difficult.

If you want to learn something then PLAY with it. 

Children Love to PLAY Games. In this Kit we have used Games. You and your child would enjoy the experience. 
Finger Counting & Silly Mistakes would vanish while you would be playing games with your Child.

Finger counting and silly mistakes are two very serious weaknesses, which hampers student’s progress in maths. A child gets into the habit of finger counting from the time he starts getting familiar with the numbers. He starts his journey to counting by representing numbers with lines. He learns to add by adding lines and subtract by removing lines. Over a period of time from adding and removing lines on paper or slate he starts using fingers. This develops in an irreversible habit of finger counting. This remains with the child when he grows up. Finger Counting makes him SLOW.

Silly Mistakes can be termed as careless mistake that happen due to wavering concentration and overconfidence. This hampers the overall performance of the child. From our experience we can say that even a very good student lose marks due to silly mistakes. If both these monsters can be tamed then the child can aim for sky. He can go places. He can think of getting into best institutes of the world and have a secured future. If you want your child to get into best institutes in future then these two monsters must be tamed.

Use this Training Kit to work on these monsters and defeat them.

How a Student Improves?

If a child is using Finger Counting it means the child is taking more than 7 seconds to do simple one digit plus one digit addition. And when it comes to 2 digit plus 2 digit addition where carry is involved then the time goes up to 50 seconds to more than a minute. This slows down the child everywhere and a time comes when he is not able to finish his maths question paper.

If a student uses this Kit everyday for 30 minutes then he would be able to increase his mental calculation speed considerably. At our training centre the student who was taking 50 seconds to more than a minute to answer a simple question of two digit plus two digit number ORALLY after 3 months the same student is taking less than 10 seconds.  The time taken to do the task reduced Considerably.

Does Concentration also Improve by using this Kit?

Yes. When the child is working on the Kit he/ she goes through the process of Search & Scan which results in tremendous improvement in concentration. This makes child disciplined and leads to reduction in Silly Mistakes.

Does Memory also Improve by using this Kit?

Yes. Memory is directly proportional to concentration. Improved concentration leads to memory improvement.

How Logic of a child improves by using this kit?

While working on the training kit a student is required to make a series of correct decisions to arrive at the correct solution. This leads to Logic Development.

Does it improve Hand Eye Coordination?

Yes. It Does. While working with the Kit the child needs to find out correct placement for the coins. This exercise works on improvement of Hand Eye Coordination.

What you receive in the Kit (Shown in pictures above):

  • A MentOsAA Board (15 inch x 12 inch)
  • Coins for MentOsAA Board
  • MentOsAA Problems
  • Bag for Keeping the Kit
  • Detailed Step by Step Printed Instructions--How to work with your Child?

Parents Feed Back:

I was frustrated with the Finger Counting & Silly Mistakes of my child. Had a lot to hear from teacher in every Parent Teacher Meeting. I heard about this KIT from one of my friends who had used it. This is really wonderful. I was able to get rid of My Kids finger counting in about 4 months time. Her silly mistakes came down a lot. Now I do not get complain from the teacher. 

Mrs. Richa Arora, Gurgaon, Haryana, India

I had the impression that my Child is an intelligent child till he was in class 2. I did not find any difficulty in teaching him till that time. As soon as he came in class 3 I started struggling with his studies. He was taking a lot of time in doing simple addition and subtraction. In the Parent Teacher Meeting I discussed about it with the teacher. The teacher told me that your child is doing Finger Counting and that's why he is slow. I asked her about the remedy but she showed ignorance. Then I started searching the Internet and after some search I found this training Kit by Magical Methods. I was overjoyed. I ordered the Kit and received it within a week. Now, I am going through it. Its really worth the money. My child is improving everyday. I would recommend it to all the parents like me who is going through the pain without knowing the remedy.

Mrs. Sudha Chandran, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

About the Developer:

This Kit has been Developed by Mr. Pradeep Kumar (B. Tech, Alumnus IIM Bangalore) having more than 25 years of Industry Experience. 

Mr. Pradeep Kumar is an avid researcher and a remarkable trainer. He has over 25 years experience in industry. His work on Indian Mathematics (Vedic Maths) is most referred work across the country. He trains teachers to teach maths to children through games. He applies Vedic Math principles and Games to bring desired improvement in students. He owns 100s of copyrights and several patents. Hundreds of schools and thousands of teachers teaches using his methodology. Magical Methods has grown from a small entity to a behemoth under him.

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MentOsAA Kit

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