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This course has been designed for the students who plans to take competitive examination where multiple choice questions appear & Analytical and Critical reasoning forms a part. We have added a mind sharpening game for your benefit.

Course Highlights:

  • Learning to find Squares from 11 to 25 mentally
  • Finding Squares of an adjacent number --One more Orally 
  • Finding Suare of an adjacent number --One less Orally
  • Duplex method of Finding Suare of any number from 1 to 259 in seconds
  • Multiplication of 2 digit by another 2 digit number through First Formula
  • Multiplication of 3 digit by another 3 digit number through First Formula
  • Multiplication through Base Technique
  • Multiplication through Criss-cross method
  • One line mental Multiplication method.
  • Real Magic of Division
  • Finding Square Root by Visualization (By seeing).
  • Finding Cube Root by Visualization (By Seeing).
  • Simultaneous Equation


Your speed increases considerably due to which you take less time in solving a problem. You solve more problems than others which doubles your chance of success.

What you receive from us?

You receive the game shown in the picture plus internet access to short videos, descriptive content, software driven quizzes with immediate evaluation and many more things.


You can access the course as many times as you want for one year from the date of activation.

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Training Kit for Competitive Exams

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