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Teach Maths Through Games

Teach Mental Maths to Your Kids through Games. Fee Starts @Rs. 250/- p.m.*

Math FEAR is a global phenomenon. Research shows that more than 85 % students fear maths. They fear maths because everybody around them tells that MATH is difficult. People around them narrate their stories how they used to bunk maths classes and score passing grade in the subject. They even go to the point of telling that even today they are very poor with maths. The environment around them makes it more difficult and student develops a mindset that math is difficult. 

But have you ever wondered why maths is difficult? 

According to us the primary reason behind it is Poor Mental Maths.  You ask a simple question and the Kid would say that he needs pen & paper. Every body is worried about it. 

So what is the Solution?

Children loves to play game.  Magical Methods has developed game based solution which children enjoys a lot. Its fun for them hence they take interest in it. Since they take interest they learn it without even knowing about it.

Available for 4 - 16 years old